Eragap Ventures — A life update.

Me with my TVS Apache RTR 200 and the Captain helmet!

Exploratory phase


full article here


Seeing technologies as a tool is a game-changer. (tech as a means to an end, and not an end in itself)

Execution phase

It doesn’t matter what you know if you can’t apply it and get the desired transformations.

Experiments and Projects

Eragap Ventures is an umbrella for all my tech and media initiatives that may or may not work. But one thing I know for sure is that I’ll keep experimenting with one or the other thing for my entire life until something works. lol.

Plan ahead

Most of my work on these projects is now on the seller side of things — marketing them using content, creating brand awareness, and selling.



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Vijay Pagare

Vijay Pagare


Software Engineer | B2B SaaS Products | Trying to learn and help along the way! 🚀 (DMs on twitter @pagarevijayy)